We are thrilled to announce our upcoming event, the Study Expo, hosted by TURK KAPI an educational visa consultant in Lahore. The Study Expo is a premier educational event aimed at providing students with a comprehensive platform to explore educational opportunities in Turkey.

Connect with Successful Alumni

The event will feature informative seminars and workshops conducted by experts in the field, covering topics such as visa application processes, student accommodations, cultural integration, and career prospects in Turkey. Additionally, students will have the chance to connect with alumni who have successfully pursued their education in Turkey, gaining first-hand knowledge and experiences.
Our dedicated team of visa consultants will be available throughout the event, providing personalized guidance and support to students, addressing their queries, and assisting them with their visa applications. We understand the importance of a smooth transition and aim to ensure that students have all the necessary information and resources to make informed decisions about their educational journey in Turkey.

The Study Expo is a must-attend event for students aspiring to study in Turkey, as it offers a comprehensive platform to explore educational opportunities, connect with representatives, and gather essential information. Join us at the Study Expo and take the first step towards fulfilling your educational aspirations in Turkey.






At the Study Expo, students will have the unique opportunity to interact with representatives from renowned universities and colleges in Turkey. They can gain valuable insights into various academic programs, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and student life on campus.

Event Details

  • 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
  • 30 May, 2023
  • Expo Karachi, Pakistan
  • info@turkkapieducation.com
  • +92 3331 187 662
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