Işık University

Işık University, rooted in a rich history dating back to 1885, is all about enlightenment and education. As a prominent foundation university in Turkey, it offers diverse programs across three faculties and provides students with top-notch education. With a diverse student body of around 8,000, including over 1,000 international students from 68 different countries, it’s a global community where ideas flow freely.

Işık University has two fantastic campuses: one in the bustling business hub of Istanbul and another along the serene Black Sea Coast. These campuses are packed with great facilities for learning and relaxation. Not just about local impact, Işık University is on a global mission. They have 100+ partners worldwide and engage in international exchange programs, including the popular Erasmus+ Mobility Programs. Their aim is to shape students who are not just academically strong but also socially responsible. Join Işık University for a well-rounded education that’s both enlightening and inspiring.

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