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Our educational consulting services provide personalized guidance and support to help students unlock their full potential. From academic planning to college applications, we're here to empower students on their journey to success.

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Expert Guidance to Study Abroad

Our team of experienced consultants offers comprehensive assistance to students applying for colleges and universities. We provide personalized strategies, essay reviews, interview preparation, and help students navigate the complex college admissions process.

We founded EDUCATION TURKEY and since our inception, have placed more than 1000 students in Turkish Universities.


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At Turk Kapi, we offer professional services to guide your Turkey student visa application from Pakistan. Our team provide effective guidance, considering your budget and opportunities. With a proven track record of success, we help students fulfill their dreams of studying in Turkey.

Turk Kapi offers a comprehensive range of services to make your transition to Turkey seamless. From airport receiving to university registration, residency card documentation, travel card assistance, and bank account opening, our dedicated team in Turkey will guide you every step of the way.

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Our Courses



Understanding the human mind: thoughts, emotions, behavior, and the pursuit of well-being.

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Social Sciences

Analyzing society: cultures, relationships and the dynamics of human interaction.

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Business Management

Navigating organizations: strategy, leadership, operations, and managing business ventures.

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Computer Science & IT

Digital landscapes explored: algorithms, coding, technology, and the realm of computer science.

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Innovative solving: design, construction, and the world of engineering solutions.

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Creating built environments: structures, functionality, and the art of architectural design.

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Arts & Design

Expressive creativity: aesthetics, innovation, interpretation, and the world of art and design.

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Life Sciences

Unveiling the wonders of life: organisms, genetics, and the study of living systems.

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Oral health expertise: teeth, gums, treatments, and ensuring smiles with dental care.

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Healing and healthcare: diagnosis, treatment, research, and the art of medical practice.

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Language & Literature

Language as art: storytelling, interpretation, and the captivating world of literature.

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Post Arrival Services

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    Airport Receiving

    We provide airport pickup and assistance for a smooth arrival.

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    University Registration Guidance

    Our team offers guidance and support for seamless university registration.

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    Documentation for Residency Card

    We assist in obtaining the necessary documents for a residency card.

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    Assistance in Traveling Card

    We help students acquire a transportation card for convenient travel.

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    Assistance in Bank Account Opening

    We offer support in opening a bank account for financial convenience.

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13 & 14 January, 2023

Turkiye Education Fair Lahore: Your Future begins here!

Gateway to Turkish Education. Connect with universities, shape your journey. Join us now!

13 & 14 January, 2023 Faletti's Hotel, Lahore
19 & 20 January, 2023

Turkiye Education Fair Islamabad: Ignite Your Future!

Explore programs, connect with universities, and shape your educational future. Join us now!

19 & 20 January, 2023 Margala Hotel Islamabad, Pakistan
30 May, 2023

Karachi Study Expo: Unlock Turkish Education

Discover the key to unlocking a world of Turkish education at the Karachi Study Expo.

30 May, 2023 Expo Karachi, Pakistan

Scholarship Programs

At Turk Kapi, we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills and build a network of industry contacts.


Get every single answer here.

We offer guidance on course selection, university applications, visa assistance, scholarships, and pre-departure preparations.

Our experienced consultants provide personalized advice, review application documents, and maximize your chances of admission.

Yes, we provide information on scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities for international students.

Absolutely! We offer guidance on various study abroad destinations based on your preferences and academic goals.

We provide ongoing assistance with pre-departure preparations and help you settle into your new academic environment.

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    Our community is being called to reimagine the future. As the only university where a renowned design school colleges


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    Our community is being called to reimagine the future. As the only university where a renowned design school comes together with premier colleges, we are making learning more relevant and transformational.


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      Turk Kapi made my dream of studying in Turkey a reality. Highly recommended!

      Sarah M.

      Grateful to Turk Kapi for their exceptional services. They exceeded my expectations.

      Asif Ghafoor

      I'm grateful to Turk Kapi for helping me find a Muslim-friendly university in Europe.


      Thank you, Turk Kapi, for making studying in Turkey stress-free. Highly supportive and knowledgeable.


      Alhamdulillah, Turk Kapi made my dream of studying in Turkey come true.

      Ahmed R.

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